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VKIN won the 'high-tech enterprises' honorary title

VKIN won the 'high-tech enterprises' honorary title


With professional R & D team, strong technical strength, continuous innovation ability and scientific enterprise management, VKIN won the title of "High-tech Enterprise" through high and new technology enterprises after passing through layers of auditing. This is the only gold smart environment Another important milestone in the history of technological innovation and development.

Secret: VKIN won the high-tech enterprises behind!

VKIN was founded in 2007 with "TRUST ALWAYS" as the core value. Through the brand strategy to promote the company's products and services in the market share, brand and quality leading the DC inverter cryogenic heating industry development mission, through DC inverter technology innovation and quality products and professional services to meet customer and The company's needs. To commercial, residential residential space to provide floor heating, central air conditioning, bath hot water, fresh air heat exchange and other intelligent environmental control solutions. In recent years, VKIN has continuously increased investment in research funds, introduced and trained high-end technical personnel, and cooperated with well-known domestic institutions of higher learning to carry out all-round cooperation in various forms so as to strive for "win-win cooperation between schools and enterprises". A great deal of scientific research has been carried out and substantive achievements have been made.

to sum up:

The acquisition of "high-tech enterprise" is not only an affirmation and recognition of the company's international cooperation, taking science and technology innovation as its driving force, and taking the road of industrialization development as its inspiration and encouragement for its scientific research and innovation team. VKIN will take this as an opportunity and motivation to continue to adhere to the principle of developing markets for markets and science and technology services, further increase investment in R & D, improve technological innovation capability, enhance product competitiveness and enhance corporate brand image, and create a higher quality Service system give full play. In the future, VKIN will continue to introduce high-quality talents, pay attention to independent innovation, protect intellectual property rights and enhance the core competitiveness of its products; continue to increase investment in scientific research, strengthen technological innovation capability and ability to transform scientific and technological achievements so as to provide enterprises with sustained, healthy and rapid development Strong technical support. In the DC inverter HVAC industry's technological advantages and leading role in contributing to the development of green energy.

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