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VKIN launches heating artifact (hot air blower)

VKIN launches heating artifact (hot air blower)


First understand the working principle of this hot air blower:

Like  the air source heat pump, the hot air blower is also a high-efficiency  thermal energy lifting and transferring device based on the reverse  Carnot cycle. It uses a small amount of electric energy as power to  transfer the low-temperature heat in the outdoor air to the indoor air  through the refrigerant to achieve indoors. Heating. Compared  with heat pump heating, the hot air blower heats up the indoor  temperature by heat exchange between the high temperature refrigerant  and the indoor air. The air source heat pump hot water machine heats the  water through the heat exchange between the refrigerant and the water,  and then circulates through the hot water at the end. To increase the indoor temperature.

Execution  standard: air source heat pump heating unit implements national  standard GB/T 25127.2-2010, nominal heating condition is dry bulb  temperature/wet bulb temperature -12°C/-14°C (use side outlet  temperature 41°C), nominal condition The  heating coefficient of performance (COP) is not less than 2.1, and the  heating IPLV (H) is not lower than 2.4; while the heat pump hot air  blower does not currently have the relevant national standard, and the  nominal heating condition is the outdoor dry/wet bulb temperature -12  °C/- 13.5  ° C; ultra-low temperature heating conditions are outdoor dry bulb  temperature -20 ° C, the applicable range is -25 ~ 43 ° C.

This  product can not only operate stably in the extreme low temperature  environment in the north, but also provide energy-saving heating demand  for the family, and it is easy to install and has the advantages. It has  become the "eye-catching tool" of the China Heat Pump Exhibition, and  its popularity is very popular.

Advantage 1: Cost is appropriate, low investment is low

1. Compared with other heating methods, equipment costs are lower;

2. Compared with other installation methods, the installation is simple and the cost is low;

3. It is especially suitable for coal-to-electricity projects with less government investment.

Advantage 2: make up for the lack of air conditioning heating and other high heating equipment cost

1.  The traditional air conditioner has basically no heating capacity below  0 °C, and the hot air blower can operate normally at -30 °C;

2.  The hot air blower only needs copper pipe to connect the internal and  external machines, and the construction and transformation are  convenient.

Advantage three: DC frequency conversion, extreme speed heating

1. Heating DC variable frequency drive, fast operation under low ambient temperature, rapid heating, two minutes warm room;

2.  Under higher ambient temperature, the system automatically sets the  frequency operation, and quickly heats up to achieve energy saving  purposes;

3, variable frequency drive, to deal with the problem of grid voltage instability.

Advantage 4: Adopt high efficiency double rotor compressor

The  high-efficiency double-rotor compressor is used to effectively reduce  the vibration during start-up and operation of the compressor, and make  the compressor run more smoothly and quietly. The  180° sine wave drive technology makes the motor run more smoothly, and  the PFC precision drive technology greatly improves the operation  efficiency and reduces the noise. The minimum speed is up to 20rps and the performance is better under partial load.

Advantage 5: Adopt R401A environmentally friendly refrigerant, in line with the bidding requirements

R410A's new environmentally friendly refrigerant is non-toxic, stable and will not destroy the ozone layer. The  pressure loss is about 60% of the ordinary R22 air conditioner, and the  refrigeration (warm) efficiency is higher. It is recognized as a  substitute for future refrigerants.

Advantage 6: Use a scroll fan for more comfortable use

The vortex fan is equipped with multi-speed motor, silent mode, strong mode free choice; winter heating is comfortable.

“This  is a black technology that has broken through the technology of air  source heat pump industry. When the air source heat pump was promoted,  because of the high price, it can only sell energy-saving advantages and  sell appearance advantages, but the appearance of hot air blower  products is not only more energy-saving, but also has a small  appearance. It also has the advantages of more convenient installation, forced heat at low temperature, and more powerful functions.

Through the above introduction, do you think that this hot air blower is an artifact for winter heating?

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