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UTL DC inverter conversion control technology

UTL DC inverter conversion control technology


With the development and advancement of modern science and technology, human tentacles have become omnipresent, whether it is the real world or a virtual network, and all these need to be realized by concrete carriers. Our vehicles, ships, and aircrafts are the most representative traditional transport vehicles. With the continuous leap of modern electronic information and communication technology, these traditional transport vehicles have been given new life, thus expanding new missions-not just It is the carrier of transportation, and it is each independent and interconnected platform.

From the evolution of history to the foreseeable future, the development direction of traditional transportation carriers will be divided into two categories: manned and unmanned due to the important factor of people. Whether it is a manned platform or an unmanned platform, advanced electronic information communication and control systems have been and will be continuously applied to achieve the goals of speed, accuracy, and efficiency. And this has also changed. Our simple means and extensive management of the internal environment control of the traditional carrier platform need to start with different internal function modules to carry out refined internal microenvironment control and management.

In recent years, China has proposed and implemented a strategy of maritime power, which has promoted the rapid development of China's shipbuilding industry. So at present we first focus on the optimization of the control and management of the internal microenvironment of surface ships. For ships sailing for a long time at sea, sailing between different sea areas and sailing under different complicated meteorological conditions, the temperature and humidity of the air inside and outside of the ship cabin will change all the time, and the heat and humidity loads inside the cabin will also happen at all times. Changes; and with the development of modern ships, their internal functional areas are becoming more and more diverse, especially like the interior of an aircraft carrier, just like a small city, the internal functional zoning is also very complicated. Whether it is a mechanical power zone, an electronic and electronic control zone, a living and leisure zone, a logistics support zone, a combat readiness zone, or a weapon and ammunition storage zone, there are different requirements for temperature and humidity environment regulation. At present, the theories of large temperature difference air supply technology, variable air volume air supply technology and temperature and humidity precise control technology proposed by industry experts and scholars can be effectively and quickly realized under the application of advanced variable frequency control technology.

At the same time, whether it is a civilian commercial or military ship, the effective use of internal space can increase the effective load of the ship, which is also the goal that the ship design institute and engineering and technical personnel continue to pursue. As an important temperature control system for ship operation auxiliary systems, how to change the traditional ship air conditioning (steam compression piston unit, screw unit, centrifugal unit, lithium bromide absorption and steam injection and other refrigeration units) Big and stupid design, make good use of every available space? At the same time, in the proportion of the entire power consumption of large ships, the power consumed by the traditional air conditioning system is not less than 20% -25%. And how to carry out modular design and refined temperature control for different functional areas, so as to greatly improve the energy efficiency of the air conditioning system, and use our precious power to make our ships sail farther and longer. These are all issues that need improvement.

In the current stage of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, we have also seen a large number of infections from large civilian cruise ships to large aircraft carriers, nuclear-powered submarines in Western countries, and even including two special naval medical ships By. Since the conventional industry design and specifications have not fully considered the occurrence of such events, especially in the design of internal air treatment systems, there is no emergency design treatment. This will greatly affect the business performance of ships that are operated by ordinary businesses, and seriously affect the combat readiness of military ships. Therefore, in the topic of fine adjustment of the temperature and humidity of the air inside the ship, new challenges were raised, that is, how to timely and dynamic
How to scientifically design the internal pressure field strength and air flow direction for air purification and killing.

In summary, we believe that the temperature and humidity control of the internal microenvironment of large-scale surface ships and ships under the conditions of modernization, informationization and uncertainty, and the optimization of the air purification circulation system should be started from the following four aspects:
1. Modularity:
1.1 Say goodbye to the dominance of large crews, clarify the concept of ship's internal functional zoning, and make overall planning and advance layout of air conditioning inside the ship. According to different functional partitions, design corresponding air-conditioning systems; that is, different functional modules; air-cooled modules are suitable for air-cooled areas, and water-cooled modules are suitable for water-cooled areas. Absorption refrigeration, semiconductor refrigeration, etc. are used in quiet environments. ....
1.2 The air-conditioning system in the same functional partition is modular in design and interchangeable; for example, the evaporation side, condensation side, controller, and the end of the tuyere are designed according to the internal space, the structure is compact, and the integration can be integrated, the separation can be separated , The same function module can be quickly disassembled and exchanged, reducing the difficulty of maintenance, improving the maintenance speed, and reducing the number of spare parts; at the same time, if it is damaged, it will not affect the normal use of other areas.
1.3 The application of the mature and efficient air purification and killing module applies real-time and dynamic air circulation treatment to the manned areas inside the ship, and the introduction of fresh air for dynamic purification and killing can ensure the safety of the occupants.

2. Efficient:
2.1 Due to the above modular design concept, the air conditioning system is designed according to the needs of different functional areas. Precise regulation and control will first ensure the premise of high efficiency. And the mature parts matching makes the difficulty of realization greatly reduced.
2.2 For traditional fixed-speed presses and motors, the fixed-speed input and output adjustments are no longer keeping pace with technological development and must be eliminated. The mature DC frequency conversion control technology can accurately control the output power of the inverter compressor, and can save energy by more than 35% under the dynamic adjustment of temperature and humidity in specific functional areas; advanced DC motors and ECM motors can meet the changes in air volume and wind resistance At the same time, the energy efficiency is improved by 30% compared with the traditional AC high-power motor.
2.3 Without using large units to cover large areas, the one-size-fits-all air conditioning method first reduces the risk of damage to the entire machine failure area, which itself improves efficiency; at the same time, according to the modular and refined design of different functional areas, energy efficiency is again improved. Level.
2.4 Actively adopt information processing technology to collect dynamic temperature and humidity data and air quality data inside and outside the ship at multiple points and wide areas, so as to dynamically adjust each module unit to achieve the best energy-saving effect.

3. Intelligent
3.1 Pre-diagnosis of faults: Analyze the operating data and pre-judge the faults to improve reliability and supportability.
3.2 Operation optimization: Analyze the comprehensive collected operation data, put forward the operation optimization plan, and realize energy saving.

4. Cost optimization
4.1 The modular design can also make the versatility of spare parts and spare parts, the timeliness of maintenance and replacement strengthened, and the maintenance cost is virtually reduced.
4.2 Adopt mature parts design, strictly control the quality and grade of materials, reduce the use of special parts, and also greatly reduce costs.

The main situation of UTL company: UTL Air Conditioning Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. Since its inception, it has been committed to applying DC frequency conversion control technology to specially designed air conditioning system products to meet the needs of different industries. The demand for temperature and humidity control in different subdivided industries under the current environment.
(1) High-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province, Guangdong Intelligent Artificial Environment Integrated Engineering Technology Research Center, Guangzhou Enterprise Research and Development Agency;
(2) More than 10 years of experience in product development and manufacturing of inverter air conditioners and heat pumps, mature technology in the development, production and after-sales of inverter technology; won the famous brand product in Guangdong Province;
(3) Years of experience in the design and implementation of an integrated solution for air conditioning intelligent environmental control;
(4) Deeply immersed in the North American and Nordic markets for more than 10 years, mastering advanced international standards and requirements; possessing safety quality certifications in the United States, Canada, Germany, the European Union, etc., and more than 40 domestic invention patents and copyrights for inverter control software in the refrigeration and heating and ventilation industry
(5) To preside over the standard of frequency conversion heat pump energy efficiency group and participate in the drafting of the group standard of frequency conversion air conditioner anti-virus test method. Won the "third prize of China Light Industry Federation Science and Technology Progress Award" and "first prize of Guangdong Province Light Industry Federation Science and Technology Progress Award".

Main situation of technical cooperation units
It has long-term and in-depth cooperation with Guangdong Province Heat Pump Engineering Technology Development Center (relying on: Shunde Vocational and Technical College of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology). The heat pump center has professional teams such as refrigeration, control, and electronics. It maintains close care with the China Refrigeration Society and the China Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association to ensure subsequent technology research and development.

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