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Protecting intellectual property starts with me - VKIN

Protecting intellectual property starts with me - VKIN


On December 17, VKIN officially obtained the "IP Management System Certification" issued by China National Instrument (Beijing) Certification Co., Ltd., becoming one of the high-tech enterprises in the industry that has obtained the certification of IPR certification.

The core thrust of "Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Specification" (GB / T-29490-2013) is to improve the ability of enterprises to manage their IPRs. It is a national standard led by the State Intellectual Property Office to help establish a scientific, systematic and standardized To help enterprises fully implement the spirit of intellectual property strategy, actively respond to the trend of competition in intellectual property rights, and achieve the acquisition, maintenance, application and protection of intellectual property and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

 VKIN since the implementation of the standard work, according to "Enterprise IPR Management" of the relevant requirements, and earnestly strengthen the standardization of intellectual property rights propaganda and training, and establish a sound system of intellectual property. Through the standardization, only the gold has gradually formed a complete, scientific and standardized management system of intellectual property, throughout the enterprise R & D, production, procurement, finance, marketing, human resources and other links, for the enterprise's core technology innovation has provided a guarantee .

VKIN has always insisted on providing better DC inverter cryogenic heating products. All frequency conversion cryogenic heating products are based on the United States energy efficiency standards and quality standards to research and development and manufacturing, in addition to declaring different patented technologies each year and domestic institutions of higher learning through various forms of cooperation, and strive to achieve "school-enterprise cooperation , Win-win production and learning. " Through advanced frequency conversion technology, high quality products and professional services, we have injected only gold standard into the field of DC inverter cryogenic heating products at home and abroad.

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