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Air source heat pump test equipment
By the wind chamber, nozzle box, wind cabinet
Enthalpy room equipment wind box
Electric control test equipment
Enthalpy difference laboratory control equipment
Enthalpy difference outdoor equipment

VKIN in the heat pump industry in recent years made a number of breakthroughs in low temperature and high humidity area of energy-efficient full DC inverter heat pump water heater system R & D and industrialization in the preservation of the advantages of heat pumps based on the phase change heat transfer process and the internal thread profile Structural optimization and matching, developed a full control of the operating conditions of the system to solve the low-frequency operation of the compressor vibration problems and other major technical problems. VKIN series DC inverter Room Heating Heat Pump, using 180o sine wave frequency control.

VKIN pool heat pump and room heating heat pump are well designed, precise time and temperature control. For your convenience, each can be remotely controlled through your smartphone.

Top DC inverter cryogenic heating technology has been one of VKIN's strengths. VKIN's room heating and heat pump technology lead the heating and cooling industry. Full DC inverter integrated and split air source heat pump units using its low temperature technology, the ambient temperature of -25 ℃ environment, the supply of up to 60 ℃ hot water, COP reached 4.2.

VKIN focus on technology research and development, technology research and development team to occupy the total number of 30%. And with the domestic institutions of higher learning to carry out an all-round cooperation, continue to transport talent. VKIN also attaches great importance to technology exchange and cooperation with world famous enterprises.


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