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Compressor vibration and noise

Compressor vibration and noise


Compressor vibration and noise

Causes of failure: Vibration and noise are important indicators for evaluating compressor performance. Vibration and noise are mainly derived from the following aspects.

    1. The noise caused by the unbalanced mass of the mechanical moving parts inside the compressor.

    2. Airflow impact and vibration when inhaling exhaust.

    3. The magnetic field vibration and rotational vibration of the motor.

    4. The agitation sound of the refrigerating machine oil during high frequency rotation.

    5. The sound of the main shaft, the sound of the shaft and moving parts.

    6. Resonance of the air column in the exhaust line and the compressor casing.

    7. The impact sound of the compressor body wall, the sound of the casing itself and the impact sound of the supporting spring.

    Remedy: For the vibration and noise of the compressor generated by the above various reasons, measures can be taken to eliminate or adjust from the following aspects.

    1. Dynamic balance and static balance of moving parts The air pipe and exhaust pipe, especially the position, length and pipe diameter of the intake pipe have great influence on the performance and noise of the compressor, and the air flow is easy to resonate.

    3. The structure, shape, wall thickness, material, etc. of the casing of the compressor are directly related to the noise cancellation effect. To reduce noise, the wall shell can be appropriately thickened.

    4. During installation and maintenance, the bending radius of the connecting pipe is too small, the gap between the opening of the valve is too small, the system is clogged, and the use of the connecting pipe does not meet the requirements. The specifications are too thin and too short, all of which increase the noise of the operation.

    5. The refrigerating machine oil injected by the compressor should be in an appropriate amount. The amount of oil can enhance the lubrication effect, but increase the sound of the stirring oil in the machine parts. Therefore, the amount of circulating oil in the refrigeration system must not exceed two percent.

    6. Choose a reasonable bearing clearance, and use a small fit clearance to reduce noise when lubrication is good.

    7. The insulation and shock absorption between the outer casing and the pipeline of the compressor must meet certain requirements.

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